Comfortably Numb

by Ave Messer

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Warning, this comic is for mature readers and should not be read by those offended by transsexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, bi-racial couples, girls in football, Pink Floyd, high school, annoying little brothers, pointless filler, artists breaking the fourth wall (in said filler), realism, band, or any such ideas. If offended by any of this, please feel free to go here. (Thank you Erin Lindsey for the idea and the link--which I took without asking. Read her comic!)
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Journal 6/14/06

Thought I was dead, didn't you? Well, I'm not. I'm alive and well, in a manner of speaking, it's just that I haven't had much time since the semester ended, and now have a job that takes up most of my time.
Anyway, on to the comic discussion. In case you couldn't notice, I have received the fortunate experience of a guest comic, something that I couldn't even hope for before. This comic was drawn by forum member chemonro, a member that I cherish with all my heart--my one confirmed reader! And she thinks I'm cute.

Journal 4/30/06

I'm here again, for the time being. Finals are just around the corner, so I'm quite busy. There is another drawn comic, but I don't want filler to outnumber the amount of story comics here. However, I am also stuck at a transition point. I know where I want the action to go, but not how to get it there--of how to draw it in the most feasable way. Therefore, this comic may stagnate for a while. I will possibly try new layouts, however, as well as possibly putting up information on the biography page. I could possibly even get someone else to do filler for me and free up my time. I really am lazy, aren't I?

Addendum: This filler refers to the Independent Women's Football League, who is linked to from my site.

Journal 2/8/06

Well, I'm back and, barring any unforseen complications, I will remain to be so. This problem was not Luke-related, though that would have put some heavy irony into my intro comic. The computers at school have been difficult to deal with lately, but I luckily found Comis Genesis's web-based FTP site, which has been a godsend. Now I can fill your lives again with crappy drawings that might have a modicum of good plot. Actually, I don't really have a full plot mapped out per se, but now I've said too much.
Enjoy my comic, if anybody out there happens to read it. If not, I'll just tell myself to enjoy.

Journal 12/9/05

Bad art! Bad! Now, go sit in the corner and think what you've done.

Anyway, I thought I would give some information for tomorrow's comic. There is a create the team contest mentioned at the bottom and I would like to give the details not otherwise given (I'd do this tomorrow, but I don't have a computer at home):
I have three football players already created. Nova is on the freshman team, number 66. Her older brother is on the junior varsity, number 60. There is one other freshman team member, later to be revealed, who is number 64. I have also created only one cheerleader, the head cheerleader, who will be seen soon. Otherwise, have at it.

Journal 12/7/05

There will be a comic here shortly. However, I would like to take this time to do some introductions. Sure, I do that in the first comic, but things are rather--interrupted, shall we say.
This is a comic that deals with transsexuality in high school and all that it entails. This concept may seem familiar, for it is not new. My idea came from Venus Envy, a wonderful little comic by Erin Lindsey, and From Then On Forth, which is by Elizabeth Troub. Read these comics, for they are awesome. They will be on my links page along with a few others, as soon as I figure out all the kinks on ComicGenesis.
Really, FTP is a new area for me, so I'm not quite sure what to do. Not to mention my art sucks and I have no time to have regular updates (I'll fit right in with the other web comics out there, actually--I'll just never be a Keenspot comic). Funny thing is that I hope to acquire a couple more comics, so stay tuned for their mention when they come. There's a sneak peek in my first comic which is obvious when one sees it, though not as to what it is.

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